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          About Us

          Home / About Us

          Kingsafe Group
          was established in 1987

          The company located in the south coast of Taihu Lake where is famous for “Land of Fish and Rice, Home?of?Silk and Sate of Culture”.

          The company has four major business segments, including fashion clothing accessories, new nonwoven materials, personal care products and finance, integrating manufacturing, R&D, design and marketing of the new nonwoven materials. It is a reputed private scientific and technological enterprise, a professional manufacturer engaged in new spunlace nonwoven materials, medical and health fiber materials and functional composite materials. The group is not only the industry benchmark of domestic high-tech modern textile materials, but also the largest, strongest and most competitive leading enterprise in the industry of nonwoven materials.

          Under the leadership of the chairman Mr. Yan Huarong, Kingsafe Group has been ranked No. 1 in nonwoven industry in China for many years, and No. 14 of 40 biggest nonwoven fabrics manufacturer worldwide. It is the vice-chairman unit of China Industrial Textiles Industry Association, the vice-chairman unit of China Textile Entrepreneurs Federation , the chairman unit of the National Spunlace Nonwovens Association, the vice-chairman unit of Zhejiang Garment Association, and the vice-chairman unit of Zhejiang Industrial Textiles Industry Association. The group has been awarded Science and Technology Advancement in county, city and province wide repeatedly.

          The company owns 78 national patents, participating in revision of 19 national and industrial standards. The "Kingsafe Cup" hosted by Kingsafe Group is the largest nonwoven design and application competition in countrywide, focusing on design and application of nonwoven products among college students, has been promoting the technical advancement and talent training of China's non-woven industry.

          With seeking and develop new raw materials, facilities and technologies’ R&D and improvement, we are engaging in providing more efficient, competitive and eco-friendly nonwoven fabrics and its downstream personal care products to customers and the market.

          Company Video

          Play Now
          Youquan / Kingsafe
          We pay great attention to inner quality.
          • Founded in
          • Covers an area of
            Square meter
          • Annual Sales
            CNY 5100 million
            USD 80 million
          • Employees Over

          • Headquater- Changxing Plant 1
          • Changxing Plant 2
          • Changxing Plant 3
          • Changxing Plant 4
          • Wuhan Plant
          • Foshan Plant
          • Nantong Plant

          Development Milestone

          • 2023

            In 2023, The expansion project of Uniquality baby diaper was put into production.

          • 2022

            In 2022, Kingsafe (Wuhan) Hygiene Materials Technology Co., Ltd., Uniquality (Wuhan) Nursing Products Technology Co., Ltd., and Youquan (Hubei) Digital Technology Co., Ltd. were established, with a total investment of $185 million in spunlace nonwovens, wet wipes and dry wipes project, and M2C e-commerce cloud warehouse project, the first phase has been put into production.

          • 2021

            In 2021, Uniquality launched a new medical and hygiene materials and products project with a total investment of $240 million in Changxing, Zhejiang Province, and the first phase has been put into production.

          • 2020

            In 2020, Jiangsu Kingsafe Hygiene Materials Technology Co., Ltd. was established (acquired Nantong Well Nonwoven New Materials Co., Ltd.), with the production capability of flushable and biodegradable products.

          • 2018

            In 2018, Hangzhou Youquan Life Technology Co., Ltd. was established.

          • 2017

            In 2017, the "30th Year, Sailing Away" Kingsafe Group's 30th-anniversary celebration was grandly held.

          • 2016

            In 2016, Guangdong Kingsafe Technology Co., Ltd. was established (a joint venture with Guangdong Winson Personal Care Products Co., Ltd.).

          • 2014

            In 2014, Uniquality started baby diaper production and construction project, and invested in and introduced advanced baby diaper, pull-up pants, adult diaper production lines.

          • 2012

            In 2012, Zhejiang Uniquality Nursing Products Technology Co., Ltd. was established, realizing the extension of non-woven materials to the end products industrial chain.

          • 2003

            In 2003, Zhejiang New Need Energy Power Supply Co., Ltd. was established, later sold in 2011.

          • 2001

            In 2001, Guangdong Foshan Kingsafe Nonwoven Fabric Co., Ltd. was established (acquired Guangdong? Jinhua Nonwoven Fabric Co., Ltd., the former largest nonwovens manufacturer in Guangdong), which was? sold in 2011.

          • 2001

            In 2001, The first phase of the nonwovens production base planned and invested by the company officially?started construction.

          • 1996

            In 1996, Zhejiang Kingsafe Group Co., Ltd. was established, which is the first garment accessories group? company in China (with adhesive lining, chemically bonded non-woven fabrics, hot-rolled non-woven fabrics,? weaving, printing and dyeing, warp knitting, hot melt adhesives and other products).

          • 1992

            In 1992, Invested 2 million yuan, requisitioned 5 C acres of land, built a workshop of 2,000 square meters,? purchased 3 sets of equipment, and established Golden Triangle Garment Materials Co., Ltd., which started? from a small workshop and became a professional producer of garment interlining.

          • 1987

            In November 1987, Started a business in a small workshop of 50 square meters.....

          Our Brands

          The company has developed and produced a series of baby and female care products brands such as "Baby Engergy",
          "Baby's Union ", " World Brand of Cotton", "Sweetie", "U·Care ", "PureBest", "Youquan Kitty" , "Silkpoem'

          Social Responsibility

          The enterprise headquarters is located in the beautiful West Bank of Taihu Lake - National Changxing Economic Development Zone. It has production bases and subsidiaries in Shanghai, Foshan, Guangdong and Nantong, Jiangsu. New production bases and e-commerce centers are planned and being implemented in Xiaogan, Hubei, Wuhan, Chongqing and Tianjin.

          • Care for health

            Give life a better start

          • Pay attention to the environment

            Building green ecological environment

          • Enthusiastic about public welfare

            Actively undertake social responsibility

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