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          Focus on new needs, explore new models and talk about a new journey together

          Jul 16, 2021
          On July 15, 2021, the fourth expanded meeting of the first board of directors and the fifth Industry Summit Forum of the health and maternal and infant products branch of the China Industrial Textile Industry Association were held in Shanghai. This meeting was hosted by the health and maternal and infant products branch of the China Industrial Textile Industry Association and undertaken by Huangshan Futian Seiko Intelligent Manufacturing Co., Ltd. and Zhejiang Uniquality nursing products Technology Co., Ltd.

          Wang Tiankai, former president of China Textile Industry Federation, Li Lingshen, vice president of China Textile Industry Federation, Secretary of the Party committee of China Textile Engineering Society and President of China Industrial Textile Industry Association, Yu Chongwen, director of the Textile Teaching Steering Committee of colleges and universities of the Ministry of education and professor of Donghua University, Ni Yangsheng, President of China Textile and Garment Education Association, Li Guimei, vice president of China Industrial Textile Industry Association, He Jun, chief consultant of the expert committee of the health and maternal and infant products branch of the middle class association, former vice president of Hangzhou Normal University and President of national college, professor and doctoral supervisor of Fudan University, Wang Guangzhou, director of the population statistics office of the Institute of population and labor economics of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Qian Xiaoming, director of the nonwoven materials and engineering Subcommittee of the Textile Teaching Steering Committee of colleges and universities of the Ministry of education and professor of Tianjin University of technology, Yan Huarong, President of the health and maternal and infant products branch of the middle class association and chairman of Zhejiang jinsanfa Group Co., Ltd., Chen Lidong, President of the spunbonded nonwovens branch of the middle class association and general manager of Zhejiang Chaolong Textile Machinery Co., Ltd., Shen Rong, President of the lining materials branch of the middle class association and chairman of viberst enterprise, Jiang Xuehong, deputy general manager of Huangshan Futian Seiko Intelligent Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Tianjin University of technology, Donghua University, Nantong University More than 150 experts and scholars from colleges and universities and scientific research institutions such as Zhejiang University of technology and Wuhan Textile University, as well as representatives of key enterprises in the upstream and downstream industrial chain of health and maternal and infant products industry attended the meeting.

          President Li Lingshen said in his speech that health and maternal and infant products, as the subfield closest to end consumers in the industrial textile industry, have become an important industry closely related to people's lives with the upgrading of consumption, the continuous enrichment of product types, the continuous improvement of functions and the continuous improvement of popularity. With the improvement of per capita, disposable income of Chinese residents and the continuous strengthening of health care awareness, as well as the continuous improvement of consumers' demand for the comfort, safety, and functionality of disposable personal hygiene products, the independent R &amp; D ability and innovation ability of Chinese health and maternal and infant products manufacturing enterprises are also strengthened.
          Li Lingshen stressed that according to the 14th five-year plan for national economic and social development of the people's Republic of China and the outline of the long-term goals for the year 2005, the main task of China's economic work in the future is to strengthen the national strategic scientific and technological force; Promote the upgrading of the industrial base and enhance the independent and controllable ability of industrial chain and supply chain; Doing a good job in carbon peak and carbon neutralization fully shows that scientific and technological innovation and green development are the top priority for the future development of China's manufacturing industry.
          Focusing on the overall plan for the high-end, high-tech, diversified and ecological development of China's textile science and technology in the "14th five-year plan for the development of the textile industry", Li Lingshen believes that the health and maternal and infant products industry needs to focus on the following three aspects on the future development path: first, strengthen the construction of industrial basic capacity, and focus on promoting the breakthrough project of industrial basic capacity innovation Strong foundation projects of core key common technologies and excellent projects of high-end applications; Secondly, deepen the concept of green development and accelerate the construction of green manufacturing system in the industry. The industry should implement the concept of circular economy and green environmental protection in the process of product production and development from the perspective of sustainable development, so as to effectively reduce the carbon footprint; Third, promote the digital reform of the industry. The industry needs to start from the make-up course of "industry 2.0", deeply study "industry 3.0", lay a solid foundation for the continuous strengthening of "industry 4.0", and promote the synchronous and parallel development of industry digitization, networking, and intelligence.
          Li Lingshen finally said that in the new journey towards the second Centennial goal, the health and maternal and infant products industry should adhere to the strategic determination of ensuring people's health and safety industry with practical actions, take high-end, intelligent, and green as the guide, and closely focus on the "new era, new concept and new pattern" to jointly promote the development of the industry to a higher level.

          Li Lingshen's speech
          President Yan Huarong made the annual work report of the branch on hygiene and maternal and infant products to the general assembly summarized the main work of the branch in the past year and introduced the key work of the branch in the next step in combination with the current development status and characteristics of the industry. Yan Huarong said that in the future, we will further strengthen and standardize the team construction and management of the branch from the aspects of strengthening the branch's own construction, enriching the member service mode, paying attention to scientific and technological innovation and development, strengthening the leading and exemplary role, and optimizing the industrial statistical methods, so as to jointly promote the health and maternal and infant products industry to a higher level under the new situation.

          Yan Huarong gives a report on the work of the branch
          The population is an important factor in determining the scale, structure, quality, and distribution of the consumer market. The changing trend of the population is also closely related to the development of the health and maternal and infant products industry. Director Wang Guangzhou interpreted the new characteristics and trends of China's population development through the results of the seventh national census. Wang Guangzhou said that judging from the results of the seventh census, China has entered the stage of ultra-low fertility, the rising trend of sex ratio at birth has taken a historic turn, and the aging trend has entered a short period of strategic opportunity. Although the demographic dividend has declined due to various factors, on the whole, China's demographic dividend is still at a high level and will remain for a period of time. Industry enterprises need to better seize the new opportunities in China's demographic opportunity window, strive to develop products that meet the needs of consumers in the new consumption era, and seize the first opportunity in the fierce market competition.

          Wang Guangzhou made a keynote report
          In today's world, green development is becoming an important factor in building sustainable competitiveness and the future voice of industrial development. Vice President Li Guimei introduced the current situation of green sustainable development in the nonwovens industry, the non-woven green alliance of the middle-class association, and the latest progress of "biodegradable" certification against the background of relevant policies on the development of green economy in the world and China. When talking about the new situation and new challenges faced by the green and sustainable development of the nonwovens industry in the new era, Li Guimei said that the future work priorities of the industry mainly include the following four aspects: first, gradually improve the infrastructure related to green development, such as standards, certification, supervision, and evaluation; Second, promote the key common technologies of green sustainable development in the industry, and promote the innovation, popularization, and application of green development technologies; Third, carry out green products, green factories, and other work, and give full play to the leading and exemplary role of key enterprises in the industry; Fourth, advocate green consumption and establish a sense of social responsibility for green development of the industry.

          Li Guimei gives a keynote speech
          With the continuous improvement of residents' health literacy and health care awareness, China's wet towel market has developed very rapidly in recent years. Zhao Jue, a mother and baby parent-child expert of tmall, analyzed the development status of the wet towel market from several dimensions, such as the competition pattern, consumer group, consumption trend, and category trend of the wet towel industry. She believes that the wet towel industry in the post epidemic era will show three trends: continuous expansion of categories, iterative upgrading of products, and more segmentation of scenes. It is suggested that enterprises in the wet towel industry should do their homework in cultivating core scenes, building brand minds, and paying attention to the growth space of the price segment.

          Zhaojue makes a theme report
          He Jun, the chief consultant of the expert committee of the health and maternal and infant branch of the middle-class association, former vice president of Hangzhou Normal University, President of the national college, and professor of Fudan University, explained the art of enterprise management and management communication to entrepreneurs with the theme of "evolution of leadership consciousness and cognitive pattern". Professor, he said that in the adult development theory, there are four levels to distinguish the level of adult mental development: self-respect, normative guidance, independent guidance, and internal self-change. In enterprise management, managers at different levels have different angles, and different angles will draw different conclusions and actions. Professor, he believes that as a leader of an enterprise if you want to keep the enterprise alive in the fierce market competition, you must have an insight into the world situation to change. Externally, enterprises need to have more agile response-ability; Internally, we need to empower every employee and let them play a greater role.

          He Jun makes a theme report
          At the subsequent 5th health and maternal and infant products industry summit forum, Ms. Dai Lingli, the new Deputy Secretary-General of the health and maternal and infant products branch of the middle-class association, as the moderator, invited four guests: Luo nengcai, chairman of Yunnan dengkangbeibi Business Service Co., Ltd., Wu Mingrong, chairman of Jiujiang aiyingbao Industry Co., Ltd., Xu Dongfei, chairman of Liaoning Tongfan lollipop children's Department Store Co., Ltd., and iris, a chief brand officer of BabyCare, Special interviews were conducted around the "new business form and new model of health and maternal and infant products industry". The guests shared their experiences and thoughts on the current development status of the industry, the new needs of consumers, the new model and development of sales channels, and the future trend in industry product development and channel layout.

          Health and maternal and Infant Products Industry Summit Forum
          At the same time of the meeting, the branch held a grand release ceremony for "2021 China's industrial textile industry health and maternal and infant products competitiveness enterprise". Among them, HengAn (China) sanitary products Co., Ltd. and other enterprises were selected as the top 10 enterprises in the comprehensive competitiveness of national sanitary and maternal and infant products diapers in 2021, Jinjiang HengAn Household Paper Co., Ltd. and other enterprises were selected as the top 10 enterprises in the comprehensive competitiveness of national sanitary and maternal and infant products wiping materials in 2021, and Yunnan dengkangbeibi maternal and Infant Products Co., Ltd. and other enterprises were selected as the top 10 retail channels of national sanitary and maternal and infant products in 2021, Guizhou Fuxing Jintong Trading Co., Ltd. and other enterprises were selected into the top 10 national wholesale sales channels of health and maternal and infant products in 2021; The 9th "kingsafe · Lanjing · Andritz" Cup National College Students' Nonwovens Development and application competition also held an award ceremony at the same time of the meeting.

          Top ten enterprises in the comprehensive competitiveness of national health and maternal and infant products diapers in 2021

          Top ten enterprises with comprehensive competitiveness of national sanitary and maternal and infant products wiping materials in 2021

          Top 10 retail channels of national health and maternal and infant products in 2021

          Top 10 wholesaling channels of national health and maternal and infant products in 2021

          The Ninth "kingsafe · Lanjing · Andritz" Cup National College Students' Nonwovens
          Special prize for development and application competition

          The Ninth "kingsafe · Lanjing · Andritz" Cup National College Students' Nonwovens
          First prize in the development and application competition.

          The Ninth "kingsafe · Lanjing · Andritz" Cup National College Students' Nonwovens
          Second prize of the development and application competition
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